DEC. 11-13, 2019

CHI Health Center, Omaha


2019 brought extremes in planting, trade and market volatility, and new consolidated industry mega-players, stacking the odds against family farms.  Moneyball is about finding advantages through tough minded, outcome based thinking to get the most from limited resources.  Billy Beane revolutionized sports and business by pioneering "moneyball" with the Oakland A's. In the process, Billy turned the low-budget, small-market A's into a powerhouse.  How can you apply moneyball frameworks in marketing, input cost management, and your farm business model?  What new markets, tactics, and technologies should you be looking at for long-term profitability? 

For farmers, the last year has been challenging at historic levels.  Floods, delayed planting, a trade war, and more consolidation have all stacked the odds against family farms.  We don't want our members to fall victim to these trends, it's all of our jobs to ensure they beat the odds against them.  The saying in Vegas is that if you play long enough, the house always wins.  Billy proved that the key is actually knowing, precisely and definitively, what game you're actually playing.  He reframed the very game of baseball itself, and produced totally outsized results for a low-budget team like the A's.


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Marcus Luttrell

Decorated Navy SEAL & Best Selling Author of Lone Survivor

Sonny Perdue

USDA Secretary of Agriculture

Billy Beane

EVP of Baseball Operations for Oakland A's & Subject of Moneyball

Steven Kotler
Peter Zeihan

New York Times Bestselling Author & Award-winning Journalist

Critically-Acclaimed Author & Geopolitical Strategist