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Join more than 3,000 of North America's most progressive farmers and industry professionals for a totally unfiltered discussion on the future of farming.

Farmer2Farmer is where the network power in Farmers Business Network comes to life. It’s where strength in numbers meets face to face with independent ideas and unbiased thinking.


We created Farmer2Farmer to give farmers a place to change the status quo, share straight talk with each other and create the future of farming they want.


Farmer2Farmer welcomes farming operations of all types and features more than 3,000 premier growers of dozens of crops from across North America.

Ready for the future? Join us for an unforgettable experience.  

About Farmers Business Network

The FBN Network came about when farmers wanted to develop an independent, unbiased and objective farmer-driven information source — no marketing fluff, just the facts on raw performance. Working together, they knew they could learn vastly more about agronomics, financing, inputs and the market than by looking only at just their own farms. They wanted transparency and to be treated fairly in the market. They wanted to build a company that reflected their values.

When these innovative farmers met with technologists, scientists, and entrepreneurs, this dream became a reality — Farmers Business Network. Working with dozens of farmer advisors, the FBN team is working to build a future for farming that truly puts Farmers First®.

What started as the dream of a handful of farmers in 2014 has spread to a network of thousands - more than 43,000 - of the United States, Canada, and Australia's best farmers managing more than 98 million acres. As each new farm joins the FBN Network, every member’s agronomic analytics, buying power, and marketing access get stronger. When farmers connect, farmers win.

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