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You already know the issues: untamed inflation, high fuel costs, global trade uncertainty and the continued supply chain challenges linked to all of it. Hear from the experts on what will matter the most in 2023, and what to watch for. And specifically for your operation, learn what the impact might be on the input costs ranging from fertilizer to crop protection. 


Times have changed for biologicals. Once thought of as just an option for organics, biologicals are now mainstream – used in both conventional and organic operations. Get the latest insight on the state of biologicals, learn how to determine if biological products could help and which biological products producers are finding success with. 


The Farm Bill has been the main policy vehicle for farmers and rural America, but have a range of developments shifted how transformative this legislation is for farmers? From the influx of spending from the CCC (from the Market Facilitation Program, Covid assistance, to Climate Smart Agriculture), to nearly permanent "ad hoc" disaster spending, or a historic influx of conservation money appropriated under the Inflation Reduction Act. Furthermore, critical issues like input pricing, supply chain disruptions, labor and immigration, environmental regulations, and water access rarely find any home in the Farm Bill.  Hear the outlook from these distinguished farmer policy leaders.


In the age of smartphones, these farmers and livestock producers have found a way to positively connect with the world at large, build their own brands, and do it all - live. More than likes and follows, hear from some of the leading farmers across social media on why they do it and how it helps drive their business.


When it's time to order seed, why are you choosing what you’re choosing? For most, the answer to that has become complex. Discover which trends and innovations in the seed world these seed experts think about heading into the next planting season–from hybrids to traits to treatments. Hear their thoughts on genetic diversity, protective traits, planting strategies and other factors crucial to determining the choice of seed.


As interest rates continue to rise, it’s time to review the strategy behind your cash flow and how management decisions are made.. Hear what the experts have to say about short-term operating lines or long-term debt strategies and refinancing options to secure better rates and put your operation in the best position. Gain insight on how to manage or take advantage of current land prices. Find out what to expect in a high-interest rate environment, and most importantly, what you can do to maintain margins. 


Dr. Kevin McNew, Chief Economist at FBN®, leads a team of analysts who use data-driven insights to develop market views that help farmers make informed crop marketing decisions. Dr. McNew’s perspective, outlook and predictions combine economic insight with data driven analysis from the FBN network, and has put FBN in a class of its own on market accuracy. Hear FBN’s view on the state of ag markets, inputs, geopolitics, and policy and how they will impact 2023.


Each of these panelists is a leader in adopting conservation practices that benefit the long term health and profitability of the farm. In this session, they will bare all, discussing their successes AND failures implementing and monetizing regenerative practices, from trying out new equipment to optimizing cover crop usage to participating in new greenhouse gas markets. Join in the discussion to learn from each farmer’s trials, good and bad, in adopting new soil health practices.


With commodity feed prices on the rise, feeders are grappling with keeping average daily gain high and feed efficiency tight.  Luckily, innovations in feedlot nutrition can give feeders the much needed tools to not only maintain profit potential, but improve on it. Don’t miss what this panel has to say about feeder-friendly options that improve feed efficiency, health outcomes, and yield grades. 

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Regenerative agriculture practices–and the growing market for low-carbon grain–have created a major opportunity for farmers to capture premiums. What does it take to build this market, and how can farmers position themselves to reap the rewards? Hear from industry leading entities ADM, FBN®, the Environmental Defense Fund and a former White House official on what’s being done to build the regenerative supply chain from biofuels to beverages.


Think you can’t start farming from scratch?  Learn how this next generation of farmers leverage online platforms to get started, and find their unique place in farming. From the day-to-day entrepreneurial mindset, to learning farming as you go, these startup farmers can show ag professionals at any stage in their career what it takes to to make it as a new farmer.

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An Ag Tech expert. A progressive young Canadian farmer. A former CPA now recognized for his agricultural mindset and work aimed at helping other farmers increase revenue while reducing risks. Hear Kristjan Hebert speak about his lessons learned across the Canadian prairies and how  provides custom-designed lending, accounting and insurance solutions to Canadian producers.

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A massive 2022 harvest following last year’s drought-induced short crop has produced a harvest approaching 100 MMT. Hear from commodity experts and producer specialists talk about the lessons learned from the rebound  harvest of ‘22, conditions that will or have already impacted ‘23 and what producers in every province need to know about the market for next year.


The FBN Innovators Research League (IRL) is a game-changing approach to new product development, focused on trialing new crop input and equipment technologies in real-world farming environments with FBN members. Participating farmers are compensated from their time, and the resulting insights help accelerate the data-driven adoption of new technologies. Learn about the program specifics, success stories, and opportunities to participate, and hear from farmers about their experience testing new technologies on their farms.

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What is data science, and how can it benefit your farm? A Farmer2Farmer classic, this talk has helped thousands of producers understand how to leverage data on the farm. Hear FBN’s Data Science leaders walk through the basics of statistical analysis, the benefits of data-driven decision making, and the insights and tools that FBN has developed to give you an advantage.  From seed selection, to reducing carbon footprint, to tracking pest outbreaks in real time, to optimizing farm logistics, data tells stories farmers and livestock producers need to hear.


Learn why data deserves a seat at the table when it’s time to invest in crop, farm and livestock insurance packages. Get an update and better understanding of the tools developed by FBN® that provide a virtual snapshot of what risk looks like in your area and on your farm. Utilizing more than 30 years of data, you can use the tools and FBN insights to compare different scenarios and see how they would work for you.


Mental health on the farm needs attention, focus, destigmatization and strategies. Led by farmer turned mental health and wellbeing expert Ashely Machado, what are farmers doing to manage stress and thrive in turbulent times? How do physical fitness and mental well being, and ultimately farm performance connect? Join this talk and leave with a new personal path forward.


Still managing all of your livestock records on pen and pad? You’re not alone. Join us for an honest discussion about the new world of performance livestock management softwares and tools. Real producers speak about how they capture production data digitally (such as feeding, weights, health, movement, and closeouts) and use that data to learn and become even better operators.

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